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SAFETY is one of  the CORE values of  Vance & Associates, Inc. and our first priority.  Our company is  committed to the safety of our employees and constantly aware of our responsibilities to our co-workers, our customers and the general public.V&A safety history has demonstrated the more aligned our employees,subcontractors and partners are with our safety ideal, the safer the project and more successful the project outcome. 

Policies, Standards and Guidelines

Vance & Associates, Inc. works in compliance with all OSHA, DOT, and EPA  guidelines. Our  safety training begins  with our employees  their first day of work. We do not allow anyone on the job until they  have completed our safety policy and procedure program  and one of our Supervisors  feels confident that the new employee is competent in the safety policy and procedures as well as our HSE manual.    

No Employee is allowed to perform a job that they are not qualified for.  All employees will receive in house training, OSHA 30 hour, and Operator Qualified Training.   

We continue the education and refresher education of our employees and subcontractors at least annually and /or as needed as we recognize the changes within our industry and respond by the proper training needed.  We document all training for each employee and subcontractor and keep on file. 

Living Injury Free Every Day 

Vance & Associates, Inc. strives to make everyday an  INJURY FREE DAY.  Our crews supervisor holds a daily tailgate safety meeting on every job every day that is documented to communicate to the entire crew onsite potential safety issues.  We also prepare Site, Safety, Health, Environmental, Plans for job sites that have all necessary emergency information ( contacts, hospital directions, SDS, certifications, etc). It is our job to make sure our employees are trained properly and have the tools to perform their job safely.   

  • Registered with ISN

  • Registered with Avetta formally PICS

  • Member NCCER

    • On staff Master Trainer

    • On staff Craft Trainers

    • Assessment Center Administrator .​​

  • Registered with NCMS

  • Clockspring Trainer on Staff

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